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Food at The Wine Station

Enhance your wine tasting experience with a range of gourmet platters showcasing some of Marlborough and New Zealand’s leading producers.

Bread & Dips Platter NZ $17.00

Locally baked breads | Isobel olive oil | hazelnut dukkha | Kamokamo Pickle | dukkha butter.

Cheese Platter NZ $24.00

Kaikoura Cheese Co ‘Tenara’ | Cranky Goat ‘The Nag’ | Wangapeka Horopito and ‘Kinzett Creek’ | Kawakawa Jelly | locally baked breads | oat crackers.

Charcuterie Platter NZ $29.00

NZ crafted wagyu bresaola, coppa and pancetta | locally baked breads | Kalamata olives | Kamokamo Pickle.

Salmon Platter NZ $29.00

Hot and cold smoked salmon | locally baked breads | oat crackers | fromage blanc | Horopito and Lemon Sauce.

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