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Riot & Rose “1743 Riot” Gin 700ml & Pete’s Natural Mixed 4-Pack


Riot & Rose “1743 Riot” Gin 700ml – Bright and fresh citrus present initially with bold aromatics in play. Mandarin and orange are punctuated by hints of fennel, star anise and cardamom, revealing a savoury element. Notes of spiced pear and quince on the mid-palate provide robustness with tropical fruits giving balance. Kaffir lime bites through to provide a strong clean finish. Distilled in Marlborough.


Pete’s Natural Mixed 4-Pack – Pete’s Natural prides itself in providing a healthy, preservative-free drinks to all New Zealanders. Flavour options: Lemonade, Feijoa Lemonade, Lime-o-nade, Current Crush, Ginger Beer and Orange Berry.

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